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    Huai’an Opera Museum

    Huai’an Opera Museum| 2017/9/22 16:16:41


        Huai’an Opera Museum situates on Zhongzhou Island of inner canal, where is the historical and cultural zone of Dazhakou, Qingjiangpu. It, together with the Huai’an Celebrities Hall, the Grant Canal Couplet Hall, the Revered Chen and Pan Temple on the south side of the inner canal, and the former residence of Zhou Xinfang, constitutes Huai’an Canal Museum, which is the most splendid view in the cultural arcade of the inner canal.

            With the exhibition area of about 2,700 square meters, Huai’an Opera Museum consists of prelude hall, ancient operas hall, opera knowledge hall, Peking opera hall, Huaihai opera hall, and Huai opera hall. Through spectra vision, waxen image, scene modeling, landscape architecture, dreamy chime-bells, stage reproduction, multi-dimensional holographic digital interactive games, and other forms of composite display, it fully reflects the history of the development and achievements of Huai’an operas, and intensively displays the famous opera artists of  Huai’an, such as Wang Yaoqing, the so-called “ almighty hierarch” in Peking opera, Zhou Xinfang, a great artist of Qi school, Song Changrong, a performing artist of Xun school, Gu Guangfa, a performing artist of Huaihai opera, Xiao Wenyan, a performing artist of Huai opera, so on. In addition, there also display the nuo opera, musical pieces, and other non-material cultural heritage scene, which manifest the characteristics of Huai’an as a cultural city and a hometown of operas. The museum has an ancient stage, where often holds cultural and artistic activities, such as drama performances. It has received many national and provincial leaders, and it has become a gathering place for the drama fancier and institutions.

    In Huai’an Opera Museum, you will learn more about the traditional culture of Huai’an, and thus you will more like the Chinese operas!

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