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    Doulao Palace

    Doulao Palace| 2017/9/23 9:35:37

            Qingjiangpu Doulao Palace was originally built during the Tianqi period of the Ming Dynasty, and reconstructed in the third (1738) and fifteenth (1750) year of the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Doulao, a god of Taoism, also called Lord Laoyuan or Supreme Doulao, is the mother of the Supreme Deity, the Supreme Ziwei and Big Dipper. She is a god with maternal love and luck who removes calamities and ill fortune, saves lives and prolongs life. On September 9th of lunar calendar every year when is the birthday of Doulao, the Taoists will practice rites here to pray for good health, a long life, safe and peace for descendants.